How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys: In 3 Ways

Have you lost the door key of your car? Don’t you have any extra car keys? The car door key can be lost at any moment. You may have locked the door by leaving the key inside the car. You need a car very urgently, and this is precisely what happened.

You don’t have any key in your pocket, and you have to break the door in this situation. But this is not a solution because your car is your investment. You can’t break your car window or door for a minor reason.

But there is a glimmer of hope here. It is elementary to open the lock of the Ford Fusion car. The Ford Fusion is a beautiful and straightforward car that everyone loves. It is a 4-door sedan car. 

If you have a Ford car, then maybe you can come up with a solution at this extreme moment. And to solve it, you need to know how to unlock a ford fusion without keys. It is time to cover all procedures.

How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys

Things Need To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys:

We will teach you four methods of opening Ford car doors through this article. Here are three ways you can save yourself from 3 different situations. You will be able to do it without any previous experience. The methods are:

  • Manual Exertion.
  • Using Automatic Lock.
  • Open The Door from Outside.

Before starting the guide, we need to know some essential things.

Estimated Cost

Breaking the whole glass to open the car door will cost a lot. This cannot be a good solution. We will do this without breaking the door glass.

We need some effortless items for which you don’t have to spend extra. Finally, you need 0 bucks to complete this task.

Time Needed

It depends on your experience how much time do you need. At first, it may seem a bit difficult for you and will be a bit time-consuming. But once you get used to it, it’s a one-minute task for you.


  • An airbag.
  • A ruler or knife.
  • Lock hook.
  • Coat hanger.

How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys – In 3 Ways

Procedure 1:

In the first procedure, we will discuss how you can open the door from the inside of the car without a key. Different vehicles may have different types of lock systems.

You don’t need to think about the vehicle’s locking type. Most of the car has a manual and automatic lock. We try to unlock the door of the Ford Fusion car manually in this method.

  • Use the peg of the airbag to make a gap at the top of the door, window, doorframe, and body.
  • The airbag also mounts the door space.
  • Make a blank so you can insert a thin knife.
  • Insert a ruler or knife through the gap.
  • This will create a space at the top of the door of your Ford Fusion.
  • With this, you have to pull the corner of the door with your finger. 
  • Keep the space with the knife until you pull the corner of the door.
  • Take a lock hook. It will make your task easier.
  • Hold the locking pin with the hook and pull it.

Don’t lose your patience. It depends on the vehicle how long it takes to pull open the locking pin. This is relatively easy to do in a Ford Fusion.

This procedure is a lot like fishing with a spear. But all the models of Ford Fusion do not support this method. 

Procedure 2:

In Procedure One, we have learned how to unlock a Ford Fusion without keys manually. Now we will try to do the same thing through the automatic lock. But knocking the automatic lock is not an easy task. It needs a bit more experience and time. 

If you can manually unlock the door, there is no need to follow this second method. But everyone knows that there is no end to education. 

So, it is good to know the technique. And those who can’t succeed with the first procedure can try this method.

  • At first, trace the location of unlock button.
  • You will find it on the Ford Fusion’s center console.
  • You can easily access it. But it’s a little hard to find because not every car has a console in the same place.
  • Insert the hook inside the automatic lock.
  • Try pressing the unlock button with the end of the hook.

This method works in all Ford Fusion cars. It is fully tested and can be of great use to you in times of urgency. Once you find the automatic unlock button, it will be considered the easiest method for you.

Procedure 3:

This is the last method you should know. This procedure won’t work when you are inside your vehicle. This way, you can unlock your Ford Fusion only when you are out of the car. 

If you have to follow this procedure, then you have to be very careful. We don’t recommend going through this method. 

Because it is challenging and risky, the slightest mistake can damage your door. Do not proceed in this manner unless necessary.

  • First, you need to take a strong coat hanger or metal ruler.
  • Now pull the black-colored weather stripping of the door by your finger.
  • Insert the metal quickly inside the passenger side door. Don’t use the driver’s door.
  • Now open the lock with the metal locking hook. 
  • Grab the locking pin with the hook and pull it up.
  • You will find the locking pin inside the locking mechanism.
  • The locking mechanism is located two inches below the window.

It sounds easy but not easy in practice. To follow this procedure, first, arrange a lockout tool. This tool will make the task easier. Otherwise, you will have to suffer later. You cannot do it if you are new. 

To unlock through this method, you have to keep trying non-stop. An expert will be able to unlock your door in this way without any damage. This method has the potential to damage the door. 

Final Words

We try to answer the question of how to unlock a Ford Fusion without keys through this guide. The four methods given above are capable of unlocking a Ford Fusion’s door. Now again, there are different types of Ford Fusion models. 

For some models, an entry keypad or a physical keypad works. We suggest calling a police officer or a locksmith. That’s the best way to unlock the vehicle door without any damage.

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