How to ship wheels and tires-Simple Tricks!

Wheels and tires are the omnipotent parts of a vehicle. It’s odd to imagine your favorite car without wheels. If you use own vehicle for traveling you need to stock wheels and tires for emergency purpose. 

But the shipment of the wheels and tires is harder than purchasing or selling them. Safe and secured Shipment of products is the most compulsory demand of every customer. To protect the authentic quality of a product and to control all kinds of probable damage, shipping plays the most vital role. 

To conduct trouble-free shipping of wheels and tires, proper packaging is also essential. The only query now emerges in your mind is how to ship wheels and tires. 

There are many easy solutions for wrapping wheels and shipping safely from one place to another. Here you will get a proper guideline about shipping wheels and tires. Let’s have some details.

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How to ship wheels and tires – Explained

Shipping a wheel and tire is very easy. Before shipping wheel and tire, you have to package them properly. For packaging, you need to accumulate some necessary tools and materials. 

Try to manage all those items within a minimum cost. The easiest and cheapest way of wrapping wheel and tires you may follow is to cut cardboard in the circle. 

Then you can deflate the wheel on it and wrap it. But, if you find the procedures hard, you may try the second option. 

Wrapping these parts with an oversize box is also a helpful process that is followed by many. Transportation of wheels and tires becomes easier if those are wrapped welly within a box.

Estimated Cost 

Don’t get perplexed about shipping a wheel and tires. If you want to conduct the whole procedure ideally to omit the damage of transportation, keep $50 as the shipping cost per wheel. Again, mind spending $5-10 for packaging per wheel.

Time Needed

Usually, the total action of packaging and shipping of wheel and tires takes 10 to 15 minutes. To wrap a wheel and tire to ship, you may need 5 to 7 minutes if you conduct it with an expert hand.


  • Shipping taps
  • Pencil
  • Razor Blade


  • Medium Size Storage Boxes
  • Large Size Storage Boxes
  • Stretch wrap
  • Bubble wrap

Steps on ship wheels and tires

There are some easy steps of wrapping a wheel or tires for shipping. To reduce extra charges of shipment, you can use those steps and wrap the wheels instantly. 

Gather all the tools and materials and go through the following steps. The steps are:

Measurement of the box

First of all, clean the wheels and tires and prepare for wrapping. Take a medium-sized cardboard box and lay the box flat. Cut the box into two parts. 

Now open up the box’s parts, and keep the wheel or tire on it. Marked the covered area with a pencil and cut the excess cardboard from the surroundings.

Placing of the wheel

Place a minimum of 2 sheets of bubble wrap paper on the wheel after preparing the cardboard. Using bubble wrap, you can rescue your wheel from the zark of shipping and damage. 

Wrap the wheel with bubble wrap and tape it to the tire. It will fix the tire in a place so that it doesn’t move around.

Cardboard wrapping

It’s time to wrap your wheel or tire with cardboard. Place the previously cut cardboard over the bubble paper wrap on the front side of the wheel.

Now exclude the extra paper and keep it for further use. Tape it carefully from both sides of the wheel. 

Wrap with Box

 Proper packaging is a mast to a safe product. It will be easy to carry the wheel if you put both wheels face to face into the box. Close the box and roll the tape twice or more over the box to fix it. 

Final procedures

Now, the wheel and tires are ready for their journey. Use a budget-friendly and trustworthy shipping medium to export the product. Print out the necessary information and label it on the box.

Things to notice:

Cardboard papers are recyclable and easy to handle materials. So, try to use eco-friendly cardboard paper for wrapping products and minimize the cost. Focus on the tight and hard sealing of the product. 

It will keep your product fixed in place and protect the wheel from the zark of the shipping. Try to follow the X pattern while wrapping the box finally. Avoid costly materials to wrap the wheel as it will turn into wastage while unwrapping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wheels and tires the same thing?

The simple answer is no. wheels and tires are two different things. The wheels are the middle-rounded blocks of an axle and a rim, while the tires are the rubber that is used outside to cover the wheel. 

Wheels are made for rolling with the movement of the vehicle. All types of the wheel don’t need a tire to move.

How much to ship wheels and tires?

The cost of shipping depends on the distance of transportation. Again, the size, weight, and packaging of wheels and tires also matter to specify an overall cost. 

The approximate cost of packaging a medium-sized wheel and tires will be $5- $7, and the shipping charge will be $50.

Can I put Rubicon wheels and tires on a sport?

Yes, Rubicon wheels and tires on a sport, though there is a slight difference in measurement between these two. 

Accept the apparel wheels and tires of the Rubicon, and the sports have almost the exact size of 17×7.5 inches.

Final Words

For a seller, the packaging and shipping of products is the most crucial part of the business. Consumer satisfaction and the growth of the business vigorously depend on it.

The expensive product like car wheels and tires should be packed carefully so that you can reach it to the customer without any sort of damage. 

By following the guidelines, you can easily protect your wheel and tires in the box. It also reduces some extra expenses from the overall shipping cost. 

To ensure the satisfaction of both the consumer and the sealer, follow the previous guidelines and ship the product flawlessly. 

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