How to measure Ape Hangers- [You Must Know]

‘Mom, can I have a bike just like the ghost rider? You can once you grow up. This is a conversation I bet almost all of you had with your mother when you were young. 

Well, now that you have grown up, you have realized that, of course, you cannot have the same bike as Johnny Blaze, but hold on! There is something that will give off a similar vibe. And that is with the simple use of APE HANGERS!

Now the question comes, what are ape hangers? For starters, it has nothing to do with apes or gorillas! To put it shortly, ape hangers are handlebars positioned higher than a rider’s shoulder, for which the rider has to reach up to the bar. 

A longer one might cover up your bike, and a shorter one might not fit your bike correctly. Do you want to avoid such blunders? Then follow this guide on how to measure ape hangers and enjoy your ride.

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How To Measure Ape Hangers – A Complete Step By Step Guide

Estimated cost: $ 0

Time Needed: 3 to 5 minutes 

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • A thin gauge wire
  • A string with a knot or washer of nut tied at one end
  • Paper and pen to note down the dimensions 
  • Broomstick

Apart from these materials, it would be best to have someone take all the measurements for you. 

Tip: For measuring, a 5 -10 m short tape is better than a longer one because it will give a better reading.

Steps On Measuring Ape Hangers Properly

To get an approximate dimension of your ape hanger, you will need three basic measurements, usually called the ‘riders triangle.’ 

Your contact with the bike seat, the grip of the handlebar, and the footpeg form the triangle’s three points: the rise/height, the pullback, and the width.

Step 1: Measuring the overall width

The measure from the tip of the end of the bar to the other end will give you the overall width. To begin the whole process, first sit on your bike like you would ride it and stretch your arms while grasping a broomstick. 

Position the stick accordingly to the level you want your ape hanger to be placed. Make sure the positioning is comfortable because all the measurements will be taken according to that preference. 

Ask your friend to measure the distance between the outsides of your two hands by using a measuring tape, and you will get your width. Use a pen and paper to record the data.

Pro tip: For a comfortable ride, make sure that the width of the bar matches closely to the width of your shoulder.

Step 2: Measuring the Pull Back

Next, tie a string in the middle of the broomstick between your hands and let it hang down like a plumb bob. 

Measure the distance between the center and the tip of your grip. This will give you the pullback, which you can note on paper. 

Another way to measure the pullback is to place the handlebar on a flat surface against a wall and measure the distance between the wall and the bar. 

Important: An accurate measurement of the pullback is essential for riders with shorter stature. 

Step 3: Measuring the Rise and Height

Lastly, you have the height, which is also called the rise. As done in step 2, tie the string to the center of the broomstick grip using a washer to hang down from the stick. 

Identify the center point in both the handlebar and broomstick and then mark it. Place the broomstick directly above the handlebar. 

Use the measuring tape to measure the distance between the centers of the lowest point of the handlebar and the highest point of the broomstick to get the accurate rise or height. 

Note: If you have trouble positioning the broomstick in place, a straight edge or a long level can help you make the process a lot easier, only if you have it in your possession. 

The tool helps make a right angle from the handlebar to the string, giving you a more accurate measurement.

Since you now know the desired measurements, you can conduct research to see which ape hanger will fit your riding needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ape hangers safe?

Ape hangers are designed to provide comfort to the riders. So, they are safe. But, some things that need to be kept in check. 

First, find the one with the right measurement; it depends on how tall you are. Second, install it properly; if needed, contact a technician. 

I liked one ape hanger, and I bought it without taking proper measurements. After measuring it, I realized it is huge comparatively. What should I do?

When the ape hanger is much higher than your chest level, blood will drain out of your arm because it needs to reach further up. Your hands will quickly become cold and numb due to the lack of blood circulation.

At first, you won’t feel discomfort, but gradually your hands will become tired, and your fingers will fall asleep to such an extent that you won’t feel anything. So, it’s better if you purchase a new one. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all.

I have back problems. Is it okay for me to have an ape hanger on my bike?

Yes, it is entirely okay to get an ape hanger. People with back problems prefer ape hangers over the regular handlebars because it gives a lower riding profile. 

Usually, you need to recline over when you are riding a bike. Using an ape hanger, you do not need to bend. You can simply sit straight, and you are good to go, so it will promote an upright posture. 

Wrapping up

Getting a cool bike with comfort is like getting the best of both worlds for someone who enjoys riding bikes. Ape hangers with the correct size will allow you to enjoy this benefit to the fullest. 

With the right tools and correct guidelines, the procedure of measuring an ape hanger is a lot easier than it appears. Go through the steps covered in this article, and you will be in good shape. 

Now that you know how to measure the ape hanger, you can easily do it all independently and save paying a technician for such simple work.

Modify your bike with an ape hanger and get the comfort and feel of being in a Hollywood movie. Don’t let the vibe go away! 

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